Monday, May 28, 2007

Gilding Demonstrations in Seattle

Yesterday was demonstration day at Daniel Smith Fine Artists supplies in Seattle. Always good to get away from the gilding dungeon and visit other folks interested in this craft. Some really great questions popped up and although I usually pride myself on having answers there's always a couple that leave me stumped, such as whether certain clay boles have colors added to them or are the colors - such as Green and Amalfi Blue - naturally occurring? Or, what's the best resist to use when gilding a surface within a specific section that is surrounded by an acrylic paint design to prevent any leaf from sticking in unwanted places? Talc has been effectively used, as has potato, or perhaps a contemporary mask. Either way, off for more research to find out. Maybe someone will actually weigh-in here before I do!

Sunday June 10 at 12pm and 2pm will be another demo day, this time at the Bellevue Daniel Smith store. A nice way to spend a few hours and this doesn't happen often since I teach in my Green Lake gilding studio primarily. So stop by, for those of you in the area.

Back soon...

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