Monday, May 14, 2007

Medieval Gilding meets the Blog

With a new studio in the heart of Green Lake, one of Seattle's many districts, I thought I'd celebrate - with a blog to help stay in touch with new and old students and others that I meet - in life and online - who are keenly interested in the gilding arts.

It's only been about 20 years since the walls of secrecy surrounding this ancient craft started breaking down, mostly in the US. The society of gilders, formed in 1988 under the guidance of Bill Adair, was particularly responsible for peeling back these hidden and protective layers built around such techniques as traditional water gilding by gilders intent in protecting their livelihoods. There aren't many gilders today but there never were, and likely never will be. But today you'll find various workshops and classes in gold leaf gilding in its various forms popping up across the country. Something unheard-of when I trained in NY in the early 80's.

It's here then that I begin the journey of sharing some of what I've learned in the various aspects of this craft and the challenges that come up every day. Feel free to add your thoughts, ask a question, whatnot. Until then, to see some visuals visit my website at


Anita Mas said...

Gilding sounds like it's a bit difficult. How long are the classes? It sounds interesting.

Charles Douglas said...

Hi Anita, Well, many things can be difficult until you learn them. Classes tend to run between one and three days. I offer workshops in a variety of gilding methods and techniques. Feel free to visit the class schedule on my website for the schedule in both my Seattle and New York locations.