Friday, May 18, 2007

Of Gilded Books and Walls

Just started reading a wonderful new book by Deborah Davis called The Secret Lives of Frames, the basis of an antique frame exhibit by Lowy's in New York. An extensive publication so it'll take a while to read it carefully through, the kind of book that's savored over time. I don't necessarily agree with everything written in the section on gilding but the documentation and photography of antique frames is excellent and quite beautiful. Similar in scope to Eli Wilner's The Gilded Edge.

Meanwhile, another day of sample prep for an interior architectural gilding project using oil gilded aluminum leaf. Optional tinting of umber and lampblack pigment in clear shellac. We'll see tomorrow what works. Keeping my hands going on an extensive restoration project consisting of two 19th c frames in serious disrepair. Also received a call for gilding the name of a ship on a book. There are two bookbinders back East I could recommend but the schedule is tight and NY is far away. I have something in mind that may work.

The next issue of The Gilder's Tip, the journal for the society of gilders, is due at the end of the month to the publisher. Articles on book edge gilding and the search for a home base for the society's inherited gold beating equipment from Swift & Sons. The SOG is a great organization for those interested in learning more about gilding.

2 am. Need rest before the architectural gilding meeting in the am. To be continued...

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