Monday, June 11, 2007

Gilding Workshops and Demos

Just finished two more gilding demonstrations at Daniel Smith Fine Art Materials in Bellevue, WA today. That's four in the last couple of weeks. Met some great folks and had a few questions that I couldn't quite answer off the top of my head so I need to research some things... keeps me on my toes. So to all of you who came: thanks for coming! Drop me a note to say hi...

Tomorrow begins a journey to Texas. A true father and son adventure. I'm thinking of ringing up Society of Gilders members as we pass through their states and towns, just to send my greetings. In an SOG state of mind I guess since I completed the compilation tonight of all the gilding articles and photos for the next issue of our journal and sent it off to our publisher in Nashville. This will be a good issue; I especially enjoy the article on conservation of French gilded furniture by Cynthia Moyer who is currently working on a project for the Met.

Meanwhile, the question of the week seems to be: What type of size should be used for gilding on paper? Well, a number of mediums have been used over the centuries. Gum Ammoniac for one. Gum Arabic. Glair. People have even been using Elmer's glue at a 50:50 ratio, glue:water. Let it tack up and apply the leaf. I like glair myself. Pour the white of an egg into a bole, pour in enough distilled water that is equal to half an egg shell and beat it. Let it sit overnight and strain off the fuzz the next morning. Dilute if necessary and use this medium to first seal the paper, let it dry and apply again. Lay genuine gold leaf to the wet glair and let dry. It gets more involved than this but this should give you a start.

Back in a week!

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