Tuesday, June 5, 2007


Slow to show an entry this week since I've been putting the final hours into the upcoming edition of the journal for the society of gilders, The Gilder's Tip. As senior editor of this wonderful little publication it allows me to explore in depth various pockets of gilding information throughout the world and forces me to keep prying back the layers of mystery, myth, and mis-information concerning the gilding arts. ~

Tomorrow is delivery day for two 19th c frames which I've had the opportunity to work on these past six months. They'll be glad to see me go. All in all we spent over 120 hours on them. Finely carved water gilded pieces, they have gone through repair attempts in the past. Many areas where there were once carved wood decorative elements now showed dried, brown, putty compound. We removed all those sections which had also been covered in bronze paint; we re-carved the missing elements in wood and water gilded each one to blend with the rest of the frame. Numerous areas were consolidated with 5:1 water to RSG at 10% to help stabilize the flaking gesso. A light shellac coating was applied as a barrier between the existing gilding and the light raw umber casein wash applied to patinate the new gilding and to allow it to segue into the old gilding, essentially marrying the finish. A very basic approach but one that works well.

Will be back...Charles

Tomorrow I'll take the photos and will post one here.

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