Sunday, December 3, 2017

Gold Leaf Gilding class at TALAS in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York!

The allure of the various applications of gold leaf gilding and the use of silver and other metals is ever enduring, an art with roots that extend thousands of years ago. There now seems to be a heightened Renaissance where Fine artists are rediscovering what is known as a traditional 'gold ground', where a bed of genuine gold leaf is laid upon a panel or sometimes as a standalone canvas or canvas applied to panel, painted over or inbetween the layers of leaf, gilded during an initial sketch on the surface.

To help meet the needs of artists wishing to explore the many ways of incorporating gold or silver leaf into their own works of art I developed a one day intensive workshop with hands-on instruction in the method of oil gilding flat surfaces and areas of relief with guidance in planning a painting where gold or silver will be used. We also explore other mordants such as gum ammoniac, gum arabic, clay bole for paper, and are introduced to the principles of traditional water gilding for panels as done on Icons and 13th Century Italian panel paintings. Students also gain experience in handling genuine loose gold leaf and the tools of the gilder including the pad, knife, tip, and burnisher.

This coming January 27 I am pleased to announce a new location in New York for this increasingly popular gold leaf gilding workshop at Talas Bookbinding, Archival & Conservation Supplies in the heart of Williamsburg, Brooklyn. I am looking very forward to working in association with Talas and sponsor Sepp Leaf Products in New York. Talas offers such a wonderful array of quality art supplies and at a convenient location to a strong artistic community.

Gilding Workshops continue at other locations including Sepp Leaf in Manhattan on Park Ave S and  27th St. The Gold Leaf Gilding for Works of Art class there on January 24 is sold out so the timing is perfect for those interested in attending Talas Saturday, January 27, 2018.

Registrations are now being accepted and are limited to 16 at Talas. A two-day Advanced Traditional Water Gilding class is also open at Sepp Leaf January 25 & 26, 2018. All class registrations may be found at

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