Monday, August 17, 2020

Zoom! Online Gilding Classes

This September ushers in a new (ad)venture: Online
Gilding Classes! This is made possible through the use of Zoom, one of a number of Conferencing software apps which allow from one-on-one personal tutoring to an Online classroom size of any number, whether small groups or large. 

Our newsletter members and students make up an exciting gilding community extending from England, Ireland, and Sweden to New Zealand, South Africa, and all across the US so it’s wonderful that we can all join in as we explore these beautiful, ancient methods of gold leaf gilding. This is welcome news for those in need of an option to the classroom setting or as a convenient way for students to supplement their gilding education.

This new Online format provides a full Program of The Gilding Arts with multi-lesson courses in Traditional Water Gilding, Mordant Gilding, Glass Gilding/Verre Églomisé, Gold Leaf Restoration, and Gilding and the Antique Dutch Black Finish with Masterclass Tutorials in subjects such as Preparation of Gesso Putty and Mould-Making and Casting ; Toning of Gilded Surfaces; and the series Gilding in the Sacred Realm for Buddha Gilding , Icon Panels, and Liturgical Art. 

Shorter one hour Tutorials focus on specific areas of gilding for technical development such as using the gilder’s pad, knife, and tip effectively when working with loose gold leaf; solving issues such as troubleshooting picking up gold leaf with the gilder’s ‘tip’ and removing water spots on burnished water gilding.

Students will have the opportunity to enroll in the Full Program which will become available in early 2021, allowing enrollment in each online class, Masterclass, and Tutorial. Students may alternatively choose to register for any Course, Masterclass, or Tutorial separately.

Fall, 2020 Classes are now available for Individual Registration including Traditional Water Gilding, Gilding for Works of Art...a Study for Fine Artists, Gold Leaf Restoration, and the Masterclass Tutorial: Sacred Gilding: Gilding the Buddha.

The first step for those interested in the Online Gilding Classes is to download the free Zoom App on your chosen device and become familiar with how the program works. Zoom is fairly easy to use but it is still a good idea to become comfortable with using it before classtime. It is also recommended to register early to get fully prepared with any tools, supplies, or materials that you’ll need to acquire.

How the Online Gilding Classes work:

  1. Download the Zoom App at . The zoom program will default to the language of your computer’s operating system. The Home Page will direct you to download a Free version of the Zoom Application.
  2. Register for the Gilding Class or Tutorial of your choice. Students may Register at or through The Gilding Arts Newsletter.
  3. Once a student Registers, students will receive a Confirmation of their Registration with a Zoom Link to the class.
  4. Student clicks the Zoom Link in their email five minutes before class time begins. 
  5. Student will automatically be entered into a waiting room on Zoom. Each student will be entered manually into the Online Classroom by the Instructor (Charles) before class time begins.
  6. Once all students have been ‘entered’ into the Zoom Class the classroom will be locked by the Instructor as a safety protocol to ensure that our gathering is limited to enrolled students only.
  7. Class times are Live from Seattle, WA and are specified as Pacific Standard Time. Students will need to adjust to their local time. (For example, a class that begins at 11:00 am PST will be 7:00 pm in Ireland, GMT+1).

Major Courses meet once a week for approximately 90 minutes per lesson. This has been designed to allow students to be challenged without being overwhelmed. Students have the option of using their gilding tools and materials to work on a project while following along with the Instructor or to simply watch and take notes during that day’s lesson. Homework will be issued each week.

Upon registering students will be provided through email any Gilding Recipes pertinent to their Course and a copy of the Lesson Plan and homework assignments. Students will also receive a tools and materials list and suggested projects to work on during the course of study.

Efforts are underway to provide for recording of all Courses and Tutorials through Zoom to allow access to Video Archives to registered students. This will be a large benefit to the student body. Announcements will be made through The Gilding Arts Newsletter once this option becomes available.

Both Classroom and Online methods for learning gilding have their own benefits and opportunities and I am grateful that we can join together on this creative journey!

~ Charles Douglas, 
Teacher and Instructor

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